Operating with ‘Focus’ is critical to the success of your business

Working with Focus OneSource offers the opportunity to obtain comprehensive and innovative solutions and services. Our solutions are designed to address the needs of

  • Your Business
  • Your Employees
  • Your Lifestyle

Our dedicated business advisors will assist with selecting the right solutions for your needs. Our team’s expertise will be with your throughout the lifetime of the plan you put in place. We work with business owners and help them solve problems, help them grow their business and help protect them against vulnerabilities they may not be thinking about.

Our team provides solutions in the following areas

For your business
  • Business continuation program – Continuous assessment of your organization
  • Exit planning strategies – How are you going to get out of business
  • Written succession plans – ‘Estate’ planning for your business
  • Retention/Continuity planning – 4 R’s: Recruit, Retain, Reward, Retire
  • Contingency planning – will your business survive an unplanned event
For your people and lifestyle
  • 401(k) and non-qualified/deferred compensation plans
  • Group medical and non-medical benefit analysis
  • Insurance solutions – life, disability, long-term care
  • Asset management – investments, retirement planning, annuities
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Where can we help?

  • Do you know the pulse of your company – can we help assess where you stand today, and take action where necessary to address vulnerabilities
  • Do you have a Buy-Sell Agreement – can we review it to ensure it is up to date and properly funded
  • Do you have a written exit plan – would you be interested in hearing about our process
  • Can we review your group medical and non-medical benefits
  • Have you recently reviewed your life and disability programs – are you interested in having us review them
  • Are you funding the future buyout of the current ownership group – will you have the right amount of money, in the right place, at the right time
  • Do you have an investment strategy for your excess cash
  • Can we review your 401k/qualified retirement plan – are you providing an equal benefit to your highly compensated team members

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