Deductible assist | a benefit for your employees

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With the rising deductibles within the health care industry, your financially responsible employees are finding hard times with these expenses. You want to offer your employee's health plan options with lower deductibles, however, the premiums for these plans are simply unaffordable.

What if there was a way to protect your employees from finding these hard times of paying a high deductible all at once if an unfortunate situation happens? What if you could keep premiums low, and help employees with the high deductibles when the occasion arises? Now there is a way.

Focus OneSource is happy to introduce Deductible Assist. It's the benefit you can offer your employees to show employees you care and will help them through the volatile times of rising health care costs.

Deductible Assist provides your valued employees a short-term, no interest payroll advance to those employees who are unable to pay their deductible after health care services are received. Repayment of this advance would be through the payroll process provided by Focus OneSource.

Average Liquid Assets vs. Deductibles

A recent study by JP Morgan Chase & Co. Institute shows on average, the typical household has $3,000 in liquid assets. When considering how much deductibles are rising the though is a bit frightening.

Liquid AssetsĀ are assets that could be converted quickly into cash without receiving a relatively large value loss due to converting it quickly into cash. These are types of assets like stocks, government bonds, checking and savings accounts.


Non-Liquid AssetsĀ are assets that have value, however, take more time to turn into cash to receive the proper value. You don't want to be in a hurry to sell non-liquid assets or you may receive less cash than the actual value. These are types of assets like real estate, jewelry, oil, artwork, and electronics.

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